Creating the Life of Your Dreams

When it comes to results, are you getting what you want in life?

Most of us have an innate desire for peace, joy, and for love. This is the highest burning desire to be the best version of yourself.

Desire creates thought. Thought creates action. Action creates habit, and habits create demeanor. Your personality depends on the content of your mind.

What is the content of your mind?

First of all, if your mind were a garden, are you growing only what you want to grow, or are there weeds? Why don’t we clean the garden of our mind the way we clean our house, our face, our body?

Because … we are never taught how!

The most important thing for us to do now first is pay attention to the mind! Just notice that the mind is thinking.

How much time do you spend “getting ready” in the morning? Cleaning your body, painting your face, fixing your hair, brushing your teeth…

The mind is no different, it needs your attention, and your consistent attention.

How to watch the mind?

The way we get better at something is by doing it, by practicing it. So, watch the mind. Like you’re at the movies, sit back and watch/listen to what the mind has to say or show you. When you observe, observe without the need to control. Let the thoughts flow without attaching to any, without labeling any as good, bad, unnecessary, or unwanted. Let them flow and watch like you would watch the waves in the sea.

The mind’s job is to think, to analyze. This is what keeps us from falling off of ledges, from overeating, and able to work, socialize and function in society. So you when you sit to observe your mind, be aloof.

And the result?

Furthermore, as you separate more and more from the illusory, constantly moving aspects of yourself, you create space, silence, stillness. And it is in that stillness that the magic happens, through that clear channel flows unending creativity and powers of manifestation.

Your assignment: Sit comfortably, or lay down (as long as you’re not sleepy, it’s ok to lay and meditate). Feel heaviness fill the body, as if it is full of sand, let it sink into the support beneath. As the body sinks, imagine a small version of you, the Observer, also sinks behind the mind. As the Observer watches, notice where the thoughts happen, notice the feeling of thoughts as they come and go, or go on incessantly. Keep observing. Keep watching and waiting for the next thought.

I love you.


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