300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Shamballa Reiki Certification

Become a certified Shamballa Multidimensional Reiki practitioner. Learn the symbols of this ancient healing system. Add depth to your yoga and private offerings!

Yin Yoga     Certification

Maintain and rejuvenate the body. Practice mindfulness principles and connect to the Daoist wisdom of the meridian chi flow in our bodies – harmonize body, mind and soul

yoga Nidra Certification

Yoga Nidra means conscious sleep. It is a both a state of consciousness as well as a practice. This technique slows brain waves enough to disconnect from ego and experience a coherent whole brain state.

Advanced Anatomy

Your body, your yoga. Everyone's body has the same muscles and bones, but we all have different mobility and build.

Advanced Pranayama, Asana & Meditation

Spend the month living the yogic lifestyle with daily pranayama, asana and advanced meditation techniques.

Energy Map of Self

Learn advanced chakras, koshas, meridians, and more. Bring together these energy maps of the body to connect the emotional with the physical body, and bring back balance.

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Includes tuition, meals, trips and accomodations at Hospedaje el Bosquecito