Advance your practice.

Awaken your truth

Advance your practice.

Awaken your truth

Why Do Your Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica

Embark on an inward journey of self-actualization to find your true purpose through ancient yoga teachings, introspection, and self-love. Learn about samadhi (universal oneness) by connecting deeply with nature, learning about medicinal plants, local ecology, and conservation. Go ziplining, surfing, whale watching and explore magnificent waterfalls on your days off!

Upon your arrival, the Diaz family welcomes you with open arms, taking you in as one of their own. Inside the house you’ll feel right at home, and part of the jungle in this 2 story “tree house” paradise. With hiking trails right on site, you’ll have ample opportunity to explore both without and with in. Julio will take you through his medicine cabinet of a garden, teaching you all about traditional remedies.

Our training is designed to help you connect with and nurture your inner child through play, art, movement, and nature. We will explore ancient teachings with dance, painting, journaling, and acro yoga. Understand how food is grown on a permaculture farm, connect barefoot to the Earth and move with intention.

About GypSea Yoga School

We honor yoga as a path through which everyone can become their most divine selves. Embarking on this journey means a quest for self-knowledge, love, and freedom. We are committed to raising the collective consciousness through meditation, breath, movement and service. Our heart-centered approach donates a portion of all profits to Kids' Foundation for Uniting Nations.

GypSea Yoga 200 hr YTT was an incredible experience. You come out learning so much more than just how to become a yoga teacher. It was a life changing experience for me, and some of the lessons I learnt are some of the most valuable ones.


I cannot thank GypSea Yoga School enough for showing me how to find my light and let it shine. My life has completely changed since I completed my training and I am so blessed to be able to share what I love with others.

November 2017

The course was a good balance of asanas, philosophy, play time, and a few other things that you don’t realize are helping you develop to not only become a good yoga instructor, but to be a better person. If you are considering GypSea Yoga School, GO FOR IT!

July 2017

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