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Amber Hagberg

Lead Facilitator

E-RYT200, Thai Yoga Masseuse

I am just a girl, committed to following the guide, that resides in my heart space. I call it my inner compass. I love to just go with the flow. I try not to hold onto any idea, habit, or routine too tightly but rather allow myself to just listen to what I need each day, in each moment. Moving to Costa Rica two years ago has changed my life in ways I will just never be the same. I like to say, moving to Colorado grounded me down into my root chakra, allowing me to find the roots of who I was and opening up each day to who I am becoming. Moving to Costa Rica moved me up into my heart chakra where I could live my truth and follow my dharma.

The heart is the space in which I teach from as well as offer bodywork. I have trained and studied in many different styles of yoga and healing modalities as well as have been committed to my own personal practice.  Where I allow it to come from an authentic and organic place of whats needed in each moment.  In each class, I bring a new intention to work on. With the intentions of class we practice on the mat, I invite you to practice as you step off your mat. I believe, the yoga mat practice is just the beginning. I have found an ever flowing freedom within this human body through the movement of yoga and surfing. How can I flow more into my true nature of freedom on my mat, on the waves, and in my life? I am committed to living a life full of passion and inspiration. Whenever I find something that moves me, I put all my energy into it. Doesn’t matter what the mind tells me, “where passion goes, energy flows.” If I am not out in the water, flowing on my mat, offering bodywork, or hanging with my friends – one may guess I am harvesting cacao or bananas, making chocolate, over eating cashews or fruit, or practicing conjugating my spanish verbs. This is my truth for now. Tomorrow that may change.